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20 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

By Soraia Martins February 12, 2021, 3:30 pm

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whether you are doing it with your partner, family, or kids. There is really no limit to what you can plan for such a lovely day, but making it the right color palette, with pinks and reds all around, or going out to a party with your closest friends can make a huge difference.

In need of some Valentine’s Day party inspiration? Look no further as we venture into a world of heart-shaped cookies, pink balloons, and staycations with your family just to bring the best Valentine’s Day ideas to the table.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Stay-At-Home Party

Couple having stay at home Valentines Day party Source: Jonathan Borba at Pexels

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day at home with a party for two? Set a couple of candles and lamps on the floor, choose a romantic movie, and get some popcorn. Going out for dinner at a nice restaurant is lovely but staying at home and enjoying each other’s company has a certain ring to it.

Pool Party

Friends in pool and heart float Source: lortie at Canva Photos

There are times when spending time with your best friends is the best Valentine’s Day celebration ever. If you are not in the mood for a big lovey-dovey date with your partner or are going through a solo phase, invite your friends to a pool party at your house or a hotel and make the day all about friendship.

Glamorous Party

Friends at glamorous party Source: Artem Varnitsin at Canva Photos

No one said Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated with just two people. Instead, take that beautiful party dress for a spin at a glamorous party with your better half and your closest friends, and have fun! This day is all about love, so spending time with your friends will definitely be memorable, too.

Cocktail Party

Pink cocktail with heart adornment Source: golibtolibov at Canva Photos

Valentine’s Day is always worth celebrating, so as the day approaches, why not ask your closest friends to join you in a casual cocktail party at your home? Try a couple of cocktail recipes, especially those that will bring our Valentine’s spirit up with gorgeous colors and flavors, and turn your party into a success!

Rom-Com Movie Night

Friends watching movies Source: Geber86 at Canva Photos

Call your closest friends and set up a special Valentine’s Day movie night party to binge on some good, ol’ romantic comedies accompanied by tasty snacks and drinks. There is no doubt a marathon of rom-coms will bring your Valentine’s Day that lovey-dovey, cheesy feeling that often comes attached to it — and there is nothing wrong with that.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Slumber Party

Kids at slumber party braiding hair Source: filmstudio at Canva Photos

If you want to plan a Valentine’s Day party for your kids and their friends, a slumber party can be an excellent option. With the right decoration, food, and games, a slumber party is a guaranteed winner, whether you are planning it for girls or boys!

All Pink Party

Two girls playing at pink themed party Source: inarik at Canva Photos

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day party for kids who love to dress up and stick to character, think of a color, and show them what they can do to have fun. An all-pink party, for example, will give you the chance to decorate the space with pink balloons, butterflies, and flowers — which is a very Valentine’s Day color, if you ask us.

Crafts Party

Kids playing with Valentines crafts Source: Nadezhda1906 at Canva Photos

Give your kids the chance to play together and get their hands busy with some arts and crafts for Valentine’s Day. Let them create their own Valentine’s cards and let their imaginations run wild with the red and pink paper. Let them say “I love you” their own way with their own DIY gifts.

Piñata Party

Kids gathering around pinata Source: bowdenimages at Canva Photos

If there is one thing kids absolutely love is a piñata, and even a Valentine’s Day party cannot go without one. Gather your kids and their friends around the papier-mâché animal — a heart-shaped piñata will work even better — and have the kids take turns hitting it until the candy falls on the ground.

Paper Heart Hunt

Red and yellow paper hearts Source: Dirk Ribbler at Unsplash

There are so many fun games you can play with your kids on Valentine’s Day we do not even know where to turn our heads to, but this one promises to be a doozy. Cut out some paper hearts — if origami is your forte, go ahead and make it more exciting — and hide them around your home. So, every time a kid finds a heart, he wins a piece of chocolate or some candy. Hide them well to keep the game going!

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kindergarteners

Barbecue Party

Kindergarteners at barbecue in the backyard Source: FamVeld at Canva Photos

Enjoying the outdoors is probably not a difficult task for kindergarteners, as they are discovering new things every day, and nature has become a fundamental part of their development. For Valentine’s Day, take them to your local park or use your backyard to let them play like they were having a barbecue & picnic, like mom and dad. They will love the different elements and have a lovely time on such a love-filled day.

Teepee Party

Pink teepee behind girl Source: morrowlight at Canva Photos

Whether you choose to do it at home or outside, setting a teepee for your kids’ Valentine’s Day party and their friends will surely cause a stir you were not prepared for. Kids will love the tents, and just have fun with their friends. Do not forget to have them play Valentine’s Day games and share cards among them, and perhaps turn it into a tradition.

Games Party

Kids on grass floor playing games Source: Yan Krukov at Pexels

There are countless games you can have your kindergarteners play on Valentine’s Day that will make them enjoy this day more than everyone. From DIY coloring pages, made with blank sheets of paper with drawings they can color in, to a “Cupid Says” game, where Simon gets replaced with Cupid for a great reason, kindergarteners will show you what love really is.

Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentines Day tree with paper hearts Source: Monstera at Pexels

Move over, Christmas! The Valentine’s Day tree is here, and it came to stay. Turn a fun day at kindergarten into a tree-decorating bash with all the kids chipping in and making their own decorations. Pick up some branches and sticks outside, arrange them in a vase, and you will have the perfect canvas for adorning a Valentine’s Day tree with the kids.

Love Story Time

Kindergarteners listening to story time Source: Monkey Business Images at Canva Photos

From all the books you read to your kids, there are probably a few centered around love stories. Turn your Valentine’s Day into a story time party by gathering the little ones in a circle and reenact fantastic fairy tales with one thing in common: love.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Families

Family Staycation

Family in bathrobes with hearts in their eyes Source: macniak at Canva Photos

Get you and your family a proper Valentine’s Day staycation party just by staying, you guessed it, at home! Get hotel-quality bathrobes for everyone and bring some room service into play with heart-shaped cookies, sandwiches, smoothies, and whatever more you can think of to keep everyone happy and feeling the love.

Cookie Party

Heart shaped cookie cutter hold by child and parent Source: LightFieldStudios at Canva Photos

Most kids love to help in the kitchen and be hands-on when baking cookies or a cake. Why not take this idea and turn it into a Valentine’s Day party? Get some Valentine’s Day cookie cutters and prepare your counter for the ultimate cookie party! The good part is after you are done baking, you can always eat the cookies.

Kings & Queens

Mom and child playing kings and queens Source: Choreograph at Canva Photos

Kings, queens, and princesses are a big part of children’s imaginary world. Take that to the next level and play dress-up with them for Valentine’s Day so that you can spend time with them, play games, indulge in some heart-shaped snacks, and live like royalty for one day.

Family Ring Toss

Kids playing ring toss in backyard Source: Maria Sbytova at Canva Photos

If you are lucky enough to own a backyard, we have got the perfect suggestion to spend Valentine’s Day with your family: a ring toss championship! You can even build your own ring toss paraphernalia with just a few objects layering around the house, so do not hesitate to make this Valentine’s Day party happen when the time comes.

Family Photoshoot

Family posing for photoshoot Source: LuckyBusiness at Canva Photos

What better way to keep this Valentine’s Day forever embedded in your minds than with a family photoshoot? Plan ahead and hire a photographer to spend a few hours with you and your family to capture your happiness on such a beautiful day.


Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, so make it special and gather your friends and loved ones to celebrate in style. There are so many things you can do to bring a smile to everyone’s faces that you will want to do it all over again the next year — all in the name of love, of course!

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