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25 Fabulous Spring Party Ideas

By Soraia Martins September 9, 2021, 10:10 am

There is something about spring that just makes us want to celebrate. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and our spirits are high, so throwing a spring party in our backyard or planning a delightful tea party seems to be the best way to go.

As we look forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities, springtime invites us to get together and really take in everything the season has to offer. From spring birthday party ideas to celebrate with kids, to a spring potluck with coworkers, here is a curated guide to spring party ideas.

Spring Birthday Party Ideas

Floral Brunch

Spring brunch with flower arrangements Source: Tara Winstead at Pexels

If you are lucky enough to celebrate your birthday in the spring, use what the season gives us the most to decorate your table: flowers! Gather your friends for a lovely brunch in your backyard and put your florist skills to good use.

Red & White

Red and white cake on table Source: hissetmehurriyeti at Unsplash

Spring is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors in all its glory. For a spring birthday party, think of countryside meets farmhouse delights to achieve this glorious decoration. The organic details, the vintage plates, and the gorgeous red and white cake will give goosebumps to your guests.

Rustic Rendezvous

Rustic table set outside for spring dinner Source: Rachel Claire at Unsplash

Take the spring birthday party outside and throw your family and friends a rustic and country-style gathering. This casual outdoor birthday affair is best experienced surrounded by trees and a field of grass, but your own garden is perfect, too.

BBQ & Friends

Grilled meat on wooden table Source: Anna Guerrero at Pexels

Gather your friends around the grill and show them your barbecue skills for the ultimate birthday experience. Plan a menu and ask your guests to bring the side dishes. Keep the grilled meat and vegetables coming, and the bar stocked, and the birthday party will run as smoothly as ever.

Pizza Party

People sharing pizza Source: Klara Kulikova at Unsplash

There is nothing like a good, ol’ pizza party to brighten everybody’s mood. Your birthday will definitely be an unforgettable one if you grant your guests the fantastic chance of creating their own pizza. Prep the ingredients beforehand, get the oven ready and have fun.

Spring Dinner Party Ideas

Al Fresco Party

Al fresco dinner with set table Source: Askar Abayev at Unsplash

If springtime temperatures allow, dining al fresco is the best spring dinner party idea to gather friends around a table. Hang a few whimsical lights or lanterns for an enchanting atmosphere and set a lovely table with a light menu and chilled drinks. We guarantee this will be an absolute delight.

Italian Feast

Italian table set with appetizers Source: Askar Abayev at Pexels

Bring out the chef in you with a delicious spread of Italian dishes for the perfect spring dinner party. Kick things off with an aperitivo, like Campari or Aperol with a bit of soda, and prepare your guests for the main event with everything they deserve.

Wine Tasting

Baskets with bottle of wines Source: Maria Orlova at Pexels

A fun way to kick off those warm spring evenings is with a wine tasting party for your friends. Select a range of wines, place them in baskets, and cover the labels before the tasting. As your guests start tasting and guessing, identify the bottles and keep score. Make sure you have sparkling water available and a couple of snacks to keep the party going.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie board with cheese and ham. Source: David Vilches at Unsplash

Start your spring dinner party with a fabulous charcuterie board made with an assortment of meats, cheeses, bread, olives, fruits, and nuts. The artfully arranged board will look wonderful on your table and will make for a beautiful tablescape.

Bar Cart

Bar cart with drinks in the backyard Source: Emma Bauso at Pexels

Keep your spring dinner party entertaining with a drinks cart. Ask your guests to bring different drinks and have them place them on the cart as if it were an open bar. This will keep people mingling around the cart and make the spring party going.

Spring Tea Party Ideas

Everything Pink

Tea party with pink cake and donuts Source: Kelly Neil at Unsplash

Welcome spring with a proper tea party with everything it deserves. Keep it lighthearted and delicious with a hodge-podge of cake, donuts, scones, and other delicacies that absolutely demand a lovely tea selection. Decorate your table with some flower arrangements and a lace tablecloth to complete the springtime setting.

Cold Brew Gathering

Cold brewed tea at spring table Source: Annie Marek-Barta at Unsplash

Make the most out of a spring afternoon with a lovely cold-brewed tea party. If you are lucky enough to own a garden or a backyard, set out your table there and fill it with an assortment of different flavored teas along with snacks. The cold brew method is simple and produces more balanced aromas compared to brewing hot tea.

Afternoon Tea

Vintage floral tea set Source: Alison Henley at Canva Photos

Turn your spring tea party into an afternoon tea event by setting the perfect mood with your finest vintage, floral china, and delicious pastries. Typically enjoyed around 5 PM, afternoon tea can be planned for a special occasion or a casual gathering in your home.

Picnic Tea Party

Tea picnic with fruit Source: Juli Kosolapova at Unsplash

Springtime means relishing in the nice, warm weather outside with friends, so why not throwing a picnic tea party? Cold brews, light snacks, and fruit will make the perfect setting for a lovely afternoon relaxing outdoors. If you plan on taking hot tea to your picnic tea party, make sure you prepare the tea in advance and pour it into a thermos to keep it hot.

Macaron Aplenty

Tea and colorful macarons Source: Diana Akhmetianova at Pexels

Macarons are elegant, delicate, and beautiful meringue-based sweets that can turn your typical spring tea party into a sophisticated affair, making a stunning impression every time someone places them on the table. If you are thinking of throwing a special tea party, make it all about these little guys and choose as many flavors as you want — and if you are feeling adventurous, try baking them at home.

Spring Party Ideas for Work

Cooking Class

Frying pans at cooking class Source: c1a1p1c1o1m1 at Canva Photos

The ultimate activity to enjoy in the spring with your coworkers is something you are probably used to doing every day, but not in a fun way. A cooking class will bring everyone together to complete an exciting task, and you can even make sure you can all bask in your delicious results when you are done — al fresco, please!

Yoga Party

Group of people doing yoga outdoors Source: Amauri Mejía at Unsplash

Take a break from your desk and suggest an outdoor yoga class to your team. Maybe there will be those who will not consider it a party, but you can always plan for something more fun after when it is time to relax. Do not shy away from the chance of stretching outside and take a deep breath.

Pottery Party

People holding pottery Source: Zinkevych at Canva Photos

Say hello to springtime with your own batch of pottery pieces. Find a studio that hosts classes and take your coworkers to learn how to shape clay into beautiful vases and ashtrays. This will give you a chance to have fun while learning something. This spring party idea will make you get out of the office and experience something new.

Office Dog Party

Two women holding dogs Source: Carol Magalhães at Unsplash

Does your office allow dogs? If so, why not take the pups out to a park and throw a little office dog party? Ask everyone to take something to snack on and some picnic essentials and make a whole springtime event happen in no time.

Potluck Party

People serving food at potluck Source: LindasPhotography at Canva Photos

What better way to celebrate spring if not with a wholesome potluck? Whether there is a theme or not, the idea encourages people to share their own food and favorite dishes. A potluck party in your office, for example, will deepen the relationship between coworkers and encourage them to connect over food.

Spring Party Ideas for Kids

Picnic Birthday Party

Children around a birthday cake on a picnic Source: Kampus Production at Pexels

When the weather starts getting warmer, kids will certainly want to enjoy it outside, so why not give them the best birthday ever with a picnic with their friends? Spring is definitely the most pleasant season to eat outside, while temperatures are still mild and lovely. Pack your picnic basket with all the goodies they will love, and happy birthday!

Unicorn Dream Party

Unicorn themed birthday party Source: Silvia Trigo at Pexels

Springtime calls for lovely, themed parties that your kids will love, and a unicorn-themed party takes the prize. You can go all the way and set the most lavishing, amazing unicorn table with everything kids want, from cupcakes to ice cream. Favor bags with unicorn goodies, unicorn slime, and crafting a unicorn horn are great ideas for this unique spring party.

Face Painting Party

Children with face paint Source: RODNAE Productions at Pexels

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to make kids at a party happy and entertained, look no further than face painting. These days, there are many professionals face painters available, but you can also turn that activity into a fun game and go all-in with some DIY face painting.

Crafts Party

Table with crafts and diy decorations Source: Ksenia Chernaya at Pexels

The best way to get your kids involved with their own spring party is by asking them to do the decorations. If the kids you are welcoming to your home love to get their hands on art projects, present them with all the materials they will need to create different crafts and have fun with them.

Easter Egg Party

Kids painting easter eggs Source: Eren Li at Pexels

One of the coolest things kids love to do on Easter Day is coloring their own Easter eggs and then set out to find them after you hide them around your garden or backyard. Turn this activity into a spring party and get them moving with a fun hunt and playful games.


As you can see, there are endless ideas for fabulous spring parties. Follow your gut and let your imagination flow when thinking and planning parties outside, in your backyard, or at the nearest park. You do not even need a super special occasion to throw a fantastic spring party, just make it about family and friends, and you will not go wrong.

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