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10 Must-See Pink and Yellow Parties

By Soraia Martins September 20, 2021, 9:53 am

From wedding receptions to spring dinner parties, one of the best places to start planning is picking a color palette. Having a party with a color duo is even better, as it gives you the chance to mix and match every little detail you have in mind and style the event much more easily.

A pink and yellow party is a trending idea, carrying vibes of happiness and joy to all your guests. Here is the rundown you were looking for if you need some inspiration for must-see pink and yellow parties.

Birthday Party

Pink and yellow birthday table Source:

Cup of Couple at Pexels

Planning your own birthday party and don’t feel you are getting anywhere? A pink and yellow party should do the trick. You can easily plan everything to match your color duo just by thinking of food and decoration details that can easily turn a birthday party into a memorable event.

Sweet Sixteen Party

Pink and yellow sweet sixteen party Source:

bia at Unsplash

Turning 16 is a big deal for every teenager, a rite of passage that brings them a greater sense of independence — though they are still just kids, after all. Throwing a Sweet Sixteen party for your daughter is a great way to get closer to her, as it will help you learn what she’s into and what kind of festivities she wants to include in this significant event. Pink and yellow are definitely two colors that would look great in any Sweet Sixteen party.

Spring Dinner Party

Pink and yellow decorations and flowers at spring party Source:

Annie Gray at Unsplash

When days are warmer, and flowers are in bloom, spring dinner parties are a baker’s dozen. If you are feeling in the mood to plan a beautiful spring dinner party, fill your home with pink and yellow hues and throw an affair that is worthy of your guests’ everlasting praise.

Easter Party

Pink and yellow Easter chocolate eggs Source:

Jasmine Waheed at Unsplash

Easter is a wonderful day to be with family, surrounded by your loved ones at a table filled with delicious food — and chocolate eggs, of course! If you want your Easter party to be a success, think of the perfect color combo, like pink and yellow, and plan it around these lovely hues.

Wedding Reception

Pink and yellow flower arrangement and decor at wedding Source:

Emma Bauso at Pexels

The sheer number of wedding reception color combinations is almost impossible to track down, but right now, we just want you to focus on pink and yellow for the happiest day of your life. This color duo represents elegance, grace, and a springlike style that will definitely match your wedding dress.

Baby Shower

Pink and yellow decorations at baby shower Source:

Paola Vasquez at Pexels

Baby showers are an important celebration that allows parents-to-be to gather their loved ones before they welcome the new addition to the family. This is also when they get several items they will need, such as diapers and baby clothes, so why not enhance the gesture by throwing a lovely pink and yellow baby shower with delicious food and gorgeous decoration?

Macaron & Tea Party

Pink and yellow macarons on plate Source:

Dilyara Garifullina at Unsplash

It is not hard to enjoy an afternoon of macarons and tea, so let us give you a head start on the planning and offer a suggestion for the theme: a pink and yellow macaron and tea party to gather some of your closest friends with — you guessed it — pink and yellow macarons. And if you are feeling up to it, try making them yourself.

Cocktail Party

Pink and yellow cocktails at party Source:

Burst at Pexels

The joy of throwing a cocktail party is often overawed by the planning itself, especially if you don’t have a theme already stirring in your head. But instead of making it harder on yourself, think of a color combination that would fit perfectly in your small evening gathering. Pink and yellow, for example, will give the party the brightness you were looking for — and you can even plan all your cocktails around this color combo.

Baby’s First Birthday Party

Baby girl with pink and yellow decoration Source:

Юрий Лаймин at Pexels

Seeing your baby turning 1 is not something any parent takes lightly. It is a day to remember forever and celebrate the best way possible with a lovely pink and yellow color combo. Tasteful and feminine, this baby girl’s birthday party wouldn’t be completed without golden and pink balloons, gorgeous flowers, and a beautiful pink dress.

Bridal Shower

Pink and yellow cupcake stand at bridal shower Source:

mmcgurk at Canva Photos

If you were entrusted with planning your best friend’s bridal shower and are struggling to find a theme, think in pink and yellow all around. This color combo looks lovely on decorations and food, such as a three-tiered pink and yellow cupcake stand with a floral cake on top. We guarantee the bride-to-be will be ecstatic with this bright and joyful color palette.


Whether you plan a lavish wedding or an intimate backyard spring party with close friends and family, your color combination will set the tone for the entire celebration. It is, in fact, one of the first steps in planning for any kind of party. Pink and yellow are definitely a color duo you should try in all your future party planning.

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