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21 Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

By Soraia Martins August 13, 2021, 8:34 am

Looking to decorate your baby’s future nursery with anything other than just blue or pink? These days, gender-neutral nursery themes are gaining more and more ground, and moms-to-be are embracing what they feel is the best aesthetic and the most functional design for their newborns.

Whether you want the sex of your baby to be a surprise or are not into the usual gender norms for nurseries, there are a lot of options that are actually made for the baby, as well as the parents — especially the mom who will spend most of her time there.

If you want to create a nurturing environment for your newborn, here are some inspiring and heavenly gender-neutral nursery ideas.

Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Contemporary Wonder

White modern nursery chair with yellow quilt Source:

Sidekix Media at Unsplash

This light and cozy setting is the perfect gender-neutral nursery to welcome your little one. The warm colors and the modern furniture pair up beautifully with the small details that make this room such a pleasant place to be.

Tranquility In All Its Glory

Modern nursery with pink curtains and yellow chair Source:

Collov Home Design at Unsplash

The combination of light tones with smooth materials makes a gorgeous gender-neutral nursery for you and your newborn. The use of a softer palette really evens out the furniture lines, making it a lovely cocoon.

Black and White

Black and white nursery modern furniture Source:

Collov Home Design at Unsplash

Natural hues and a splash of greenery live harmoniously with stunning and contemporary walls — and a combination of black and white make this modern, gender-neutral nursery the ideal space to nurture your new baby.

Timeless Charm

Wooden crib with gray chair Source:

Curtis Adams at Pexels

Keep it modern while adding timeless, charming furniture and a handful of objects to complete the gender-neutral nursery and make it your own. This one shows that classy can also be part of your baby’s day-to-day life.

Boho-Inspired Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Natural Joy

Nursery with wooden details and vintage crib Source:

Євгенія Височина at Unsplash

Earthy tones meet boho feelings in this cozy, gender-neutral nursery. Your newborn will feel welcome and as comfortable as ever in this vintage crib with stars hanging beautifully over it.

Adventure Time

Teepee with stools wooden details Source:

Josh Hemsley at Unsplash

Introduce your little one to the great outdoors with this boho, woodland-themed, gender-neutral nursery. The teepee adds an adventurous feel to the cozy atmosphere of the room — and it will probably be a fun hideout place for when your baby grows up.

The World Is Right Here

Nursery with a world map wallpaper and teepee Source:

RA Studio at Rebel Walls

The world is your oyster, especially with this boho-inspired, fun-filled, gender-neutral nursery. Teepees seem to be the perfect add-on for rooms meant to grow with the babies they welcome from the very beginning of their lives. Don’t shy away from color, either, and let it flow around the room.

Peacefully Quiet

Warm light nursery with swing Source:

Jelena Mirkovic at Unsplash

Tuck your little dreamer in this boho-chic, gender-neutral nursery, a haven for serenity and soft hues. The light, warmer tones will definitely keep the little one soothed and hopefully sound asleep through the night.

Sleepy Friends

Nursery with mountain wallpaper and cloud cushion and paper bag Source:

Maria Sjöstrand at Rebel Walls

Your newborn will definitely feel warm and cozy, surrounded by sleepy friends, beautiful mountains, and stars all around. These cute and straightforward details make a gender-neutral nursery an extraordinary place to be.

Simple Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Under The Veil

Mom and wooden crib gray in a gender-neutral nursery Source:

Ömürden Cengiz at Unsplash

One of the most popular gender-neutral ideas these days is to keep the nursery under a veil of gray — no pun intended! This simple yet elegant room is as soft as a fluffy cloud, indeed.

Pop of Color

Flower wallpaper in a small nursery with a white crib Source:

Maria Sjöstrand at Rebel Walls

Choosing to have a nursery doesn’t mean you can’t give it a little pop of color. This simple setting gets a fresh look and feel with floral wallpaper. Even in a tiny space, this nursery is cozy enough to welcome the mom and her baby.

Reaching For The Stars

Simple walls with moon and stars detail and white crib Source:

Corinne Kutz at Unsplash

Keep it light and simple with just the right details, like this gender-neutral nursery and the moon and stars decorative elements. Reach for the stars and welcome your little one with comfort and the most calming feeling in the world.

Counting Sheep

Wooden crib with white plush mobile and white plush toy Source:

Charles Deluvio at Unsplash

There’s no place like home, particularly if it’s ready to say hello to the new addition to the family. The wooden crib is definitely the most memorable piece in this gender-neutral nursery. The mobile above makes it even dreamier while keeping it simple.

Innocent and Pure

White room with black guitar Source:

Mikhail Nilov at Pexels

This pristine white nursery is as innocent and pure as your newborn. The good thing about a minimalist and straightforward gender-neutral nursery is that you can always add details to enhance its beauty.

All In The Details

White walls with fluffy cushions on bed Source:

Christina Deravedisian at Unsplash

Soft materials and fluffy cushions can be the loveliest option to make a simple gender-neutral nursery stand out. By keeping it all white and adding just a bit of color in the details, the room will feel light and quiet — in a great way.

Colors To Use in Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Rainbow Jamboree

Nursery with rainbow wallpaper with colorful objects Source:

Maria Sjöstrand at Rebel Walls

If you are a lover of all colors, that is something you can do to make your gender-neutral nursery a safe haven for as many colors as you can possibly think of. Take this rainbow jamboree and make it come true with just the right wallpaper and a bunch of fun, colorful objects.

White Clouds

White room with white furniture Source:

Dominika Roseclay at Pexels

White spaces are clean, bright, and easy to change or update. That is why it is also an excellent way for parents to experiment with an all-white, gender-neutral nursery. Adding new details or specks of color will give it a new look in no time.

Floral and Uncomplicated

Flower wallpaper with white crib and furniture Source:

Maria Sjöstrand at Rebel Walls

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to make a difference in any room, as we’ve previously shown you, but a gender-neutral nursery will surely benefit from a floral pattern or any other that can give it personality.

Warm Hues

Warm tanned colors and a wooden crib Source:

Pavel Danilyuk at Pexels

Earthy, warm tones are great options for your gender-neutral nursery. Different textures and organic materials are central in this gorgeously tanned room, the perfect setting to welcome your little one.

A Green Affair

Jungle wallpaper with giraffe and a white crib Source:

Maria Sjöstrand at Rebel Walls

Choosing green tones, whether as painted walls or lovely wallpaper, can be a wonderful option for your gender-neutral nursery. This jungle-themed wallpaper will keep your newborn surrounded by nature in the best way possible.

Blue Is the Calmest Color

Muted blue nursery design Source:

Lilas Gh at Canva

Whether a boy or a girl, a muted blue is a color that conveys calm and tranquility. This gender-neutral nursery benefits from this gorgeous, muted-blue blanket. At the same time, the unique crib and the soft canopy make it the dreamiest place ever to let your baby sleep tight.


When it comes to gender-neutral nurseries, the sky is the limit! From pastels and lighter hues to organic materials and soft textures, there are many wonderful ideas that will bring out your newborn’s personality and grow with it. Regardless of knowing the sex of your child or not, gender-neutral nurseries are a design trend that will last.

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