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21 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Soraia Martins February 14, 2021, 9:12 am

Valentine's Day is a time when you can let your heart go with the flow and really focus on your soulmate, a dear member of your family, or a best friend. There is no limit to what you can give on Valentine's Day, but we are sure there is one type of gift that will be more successful. Going DIY all the way and pouring your soul into a special knack or fantastic idea will make the recipient smile and cherish that gift forever.

Check some of our ideas for DIY Valentine's Day gifts and put your head — and hands — to work.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for a Boyfriend

Your Own Hot Sauce

Hot sauce in a jar and spoon Source:

DapurMelodi at Pexels

Is your boyfriend a hot sauce guy? Well, look no further: make him your own batch of hot sauce and remind him that you know him like no other. Every time he uses the hot sauce, he will remember the special person who gave it to him and enjoy his meal even more, no doubt about it.

Jar of Kisses

Jar with kisses on pieces of paper Source:

Mălina Sîrbu at Pexels

What better way to start Valentine's Day — and every day after that — than with a jar full of kisses? A sweet and unpretentious way of saying you love him and give them all the kisses he wants just by opening the jar. Every day is "kiss day" with this gift.

Gummy Bear Jar

Jar with gummy bear candy Source:

Paul Stollery at Unsplash

Valentine's Day is all about sweetness — and candy, of course! Make him feel even more special with a gummy bear jar with his name on a tag. This is a cute, DIY project that will not take too long to make, but that will last for as long as the gummy bears last, of course.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for a Girlfriend

Bath Salts

Homemade bath epsom salts blend Source:

Rebecca at Pexels

Your girlfriend will feel cared for and special with a simple DIY project that includes a jar and a mix of Epsom salts. Make sure you choose different kinds of salts and fragrances, mix in some dried flowers, and you will have a personal SPA in a bottle that she can use whenever she needs to relax and recharge.

Plant Your Heart Out

Plant wrapped around craft paper and red heart Source:

Daria Shevtsova at Pexels

If your girlfriend is a plant lover, this will make for a great Valentine's Day gift. An aloe vera is low-maintenance and will look pretty anywhere she puts it. Give it your own DIY touch with some patterned craft paper and a heart on a stick.

Handmade Candles

Hand holding candle wax jar making homemade candles Source:

Ron Lach at Pexels

A handmade candle is a lovely gift for Valentine's Day. It is easy enough to make at home, and it will leave your girlfriend's home smelling wonderful. Follow this eight-step tutorial and make it your own with some dried petals, for example. We guarantee she will love it and be amazed at your DIY skills.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Friends


DIY terrarium with plants and soil on wooden surface Source:

Maud Bocquillod at Unsplash

If you are looking to surprise your plant aficionado friend with something special on Valentine's Day, we have got an excellent suggestion for you: a terrarium. Terrariums are like tiny glasshouses with a gorgeous display of small plants growing inside and a beautiful way to bring a dose of nature indoors. Pick a jar, choose a range of leafy plants and succulents, and add different layers of soil, pebbles, and some moss.

Homemade Soap

Handmade soap wrapped in string Source:

Sarah Chai at Pexels

How often do you get the opportunity to make your own soap? If you have been thinking about the perfect gift to give your best friend on Valentine's Day, consider making a couple of homemade soap bars and show them your DIY skills. There are many tutorials that you can effortlessly follow, so get cooking and learn something new while you are at it.

Friendship Journal

Friendship journal and dog Source:

Lexy Lammerink at Unsplash

Remember all those adventures you and your best friend experienced through the years you have known each other? Try and put them all on a blank notebook with photos, little snippets of your life, letters, and candid expressions only you know. This Friendship Journal will make the best Valentine's Day gift ever.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Coworkers

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Heart shaped homemade cookies Source:

Michelle Leman at Pexels

On Valentine's Day, everyone's craving a little sugar. Be your office's cupid and honor the break room with some heart-shaped, homemade cookies so that everyone can feel the love. You can even play with the icing a bit and write cute expressions on them.

Homemade Beverage

Homemade kombucha bottle and glass Source:

Shannon Nickerson at Unsplash

Homemade kombucha has been all the rage in many households the last few years, and every day there are new and improved recipes that appeal to more and more people. By following a few easy, albeit slow, steps, you can produce a nice kombucha batch to give all your coworkers on Valentine's Day that will make them cry for more.

Pop Up Card

Hands holding heart pop up card Source:

Michelle Leman at Pexels

Postcards have been part of Valentine's Day history since we can remember. Instead of going for an ordinary specimen, take it a bit further and give your coworkers a pop-up card. Just follow this easy tutorial, give it your own essence when cutting out the printables, and make it pop at the office!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for a Daughter

Handmade Lotion

Hands holding homemade lotion Source:

Sara Scarpa at Unsplash

A handmade lotion will make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for your daughter. There are plenty of recipes to create your own lotion, and you can easily make some in your own kitchen. Find all the ingredients you need, boil them, mix them well in a mason jar, and that's it.

Recipe Book

Blank notebook for recipes Source:

Beechmore Books at Unsplash

There comes a time where all of your cooking knowledge and special secrets are passed down to your daughter, so you can keep all the traditions going. Valentine's Day can be a wonderful time to give your daughter her own recipe book so you can both share a bond over homemade food that will last forever.

Custom Tea Blend

Tea and tea leaves for tea blend Source:

Olya Kobruseva at Pexels

If your daughter loves tea, giving her your own tea blend on Valentine's Day will undoubtedly put a smile on her face. Pick a couple of her favorite loose-leaf teas, like Earl Grey or Darjeeling, add some herbals, such as Hibiscus or Chamomile, and mix it in a mason jar to create the ultimate custom tea blend.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves with painted roses Source:

Karolina Grabowska at Pexels

If your mom loves to spend time in her garden, she will definitely enjoy getting a pair of custom-made garden gloves on Valentine's Day. Whether you know your way around paintbrushes and can achieve a superb result, or just try your best and spatter the gloves with colorful strokes, your mom will think the world of her new DIY gardening gloves.

Tree of Hearts

Glass jar with branches and hearts Source:

Monstera at Pexels

For a unique Valentine's Day, give your mom a DIY project that will sit beautifully on her dining room table. Choose a glass vase or mason jar, forage a couple of thin branches, and pin many heart cutouts until it looks like a heart tree.

Cross Stitching

Cross stitching with word love Source:

cottonbro at Pexels

If you love to cross-stitch but are not sure how you could use that talent to make your mom happy on Valentine's Day, just pour your love onto a piece of fabric, like a kitchen towel or a pillowcase. The word "love" will look absolutely amazing, and your mom will show it proudly to anyone who visits her home.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

Photo Board

Collection of photos on wooden surface Source:

Soragrit Wongsa at Unsplash

Remember that fishing trip you took with your dad last year? What about that family picnic on his birthday? Now you can keep all the memories you have been collecting throughout the years together on a photo board. Print some photos and pin them to a corkboard and tell your dad you love him on Valentine's Day.

Special Keyring

Handmade keyring and key Source:

Zan at Unsplash

Everyone needs a keyring, and your dad is no exception. He will be ecstatic to receive a personalized keyring so he will remember you every time he picks his keys up. You can use scraps of leather, metal, or even wood to create your keyring — it will become the best reason for him not to forget his keys anywhere. Ever.

Handmade Coaster

DIY coaster with coffee cup Source:

Alyssa li at Unsplash

Does your mom constantly complain about your dad leaving beer bottles or coffee cups all over the furniture? Some DIY coasters will help solve the problem and leave both your parents happy ­­— and the furniture spotless. Give them your own take on a unique coaster on Valentine's Day and make his day.


Whatever your talent is for crafts and DIY projects, they are always something entertaining to pursue when planning for Valentine's Day gifts. Find a homemade idea that is just the right amount of romantic and fun — and budget-friendly — to show some love to your better half, family, and friends.

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