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The 10 Best DIY Confetti Bags

Celebrate in style!
By Soraia Martins September 28, 2021, 9:30 am

Ever wondered how you can turn a fun party into an unforgettable celebration without going too over budget? There is something that is both easy to make and lovely to use — although the post-party cleaning can be a little bothersome, but worth it, nonetheless.

With just a few items that you can get virtually in any retail store and a couple of hours to spare, you can easily create charming DIY confetti bags for any of the events you have got on your calendar. From weddings to birthday parties, check out these DIY confetti bags.

Confetti Cones

Easy to fill, easy to toss.

DIY confetti bag at wedding

Perfect for a spring wedding, these sweet DIY confetti cones are extremely easy to make and look fabulous in various containers, such as baskets or wooden crates. Each guest can take a cone and throw the confetti when the newly married couple walks by after the ceremony.

Confetti Envelopes

Envelope confetti bag in basket at wedding

Confetti envelopes are an excellent DIY idea for a wedding or any other festive occasion that entails a good portion of confetti over people’s heads. These are amazing and easy enough to make, while the confetti inside can also be a mix of flower petals and colorful punched-out paper pieces to make everything more joyful.

Shower Confetti Bag

Pastel colored DIY confetti bags with spread confetti

Whether it’s a baby shower or a bridal shower, a DIY confetti bag can definitely make a difference. You can decorate a table with beautiful, pastel-colored confetti made of tissue paper, or even create your own gift bag, fill it with the confetti and turn it into a shower gift.

Tissue Paper Cone

DIY tissue paper cones with golden confetti

If you plan to throw a New Year’s Eve party, these tissue paper cones with golden confetti will bring the party a whole new festive look. To make these, you just need a number of tissue paper sheets, some shiny gift paper, and a craft puncher, and you are all set to create these DIY paper cones.

Organza Bags

DIY organza bags with handmade confetti

This whole basket of organza bags with hundreds of confetti inside is a terrific idea for a big celebration with your kids, whether it’s a birthday party or a school event. The organza bags can be found at Amazon or any party-oriented store. As for the confetti, there are many ways you can transform a sheet of tissue paper, wrapping paper, or any kind of scrap paper into confetti, just follow your imagination!

Heart-shaped Confetti

Red heart shaped filled confetti bag

For Valentine’s Day, you can make something unique that will lift your better half’s spirits for sure: a string bag filled with heart-shaped confetti. This lovely DIY project adds that extra touch to your gift or table décor if you think of throwing your partner a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Confetti Balloons

DIY confetti balloons at party

Sometimes, all you need to liven up a party is some confetti balloons. Don’t know where to start? We are here to give you a hand and show you how to fill your own confetti balloons. After your confetti is ready to go, get a small plastic funnel, stretch the bottom of the balloon over the opening in the funnel, dump the desired number of confetti, and use a straw to delicately push them inside. Follow this tutorial and have fun!

Drawstring Pouches

DIY drawstring pouches with confetti

Although it is definitely more fun to use clear bags to put your confetti, we think we can all agree that these drawstring pouches are lovely to keep confetti for an Easter dinner party or a more understated event that would call for something more discreet. You can even sew your own drawstring pouches to keep it all DIY.

Reusable Bag

DIY confetti bag with confetti

With so many options for DIY confetti bags, there had to be at least one that is as easy as taking a bag you already have at home and fill it with confetti of all shapes and sizes. This hodgepodge of confetti can be used whenever you feel like a party lacks something, so go ahead and start working on it.

Cotton or Lace Pouches

DIY lace DIY confetti bags at wedding

Another great idea for a wedding is to have the petals and rice inside organic cotton or lace drawstring pouches and then give them to your guests as wedding favors. They can then keep all kinds of bits and bobs inside them, but not before throwing the confetti at the right moment.


There are many ways to come up with your own DIY confetti bags, and all of them can brighten up a party. Forget about the cleaning after and enjoy the happy moments when you are throwing the confetti you made with such care and dedication just to put a smile on your guests’ faces. DIY confetti bags are great ideas for weddings, birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, and any kind of festivity, really. Just follow the step-by-step guides we shared and the suggestions we left here to bring your own confetti bags to life.

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