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21 Wonderful Wallpaper Ideas for Dining Rooms

By Soraia Martins July 26, 2021, 10:14 am

Long gone are the days when choosing wallpaper for dining rooms — or any room, for that matter — was considered tacky or a cheap alternative to paint. Today, wallpaper as an interior design go-to has made a swift comeback, with a vast array of options. From elegant to floral, from textured to modern, and even romantic, there are lots of wonderful wallpaper ideas for dining rooms.

Often a neglected area of our homes, dining rooms are now more stylish and beautiful than ever thanks to the following suggestions and tips for wallpaper ideas.

Elegant Wallpaper Ideas for Dining Rooms

Classy and Tasteful

Dining room with classy wallpaper Source:

Michal Jarmoluk at Pixabay

This elegant pattern will definitely last the test of time and bring out the best of this dining room. Suppose you feel like sprucing up this area with some classy and tasteful wallpaper? In that case, black ornamented shapes on a white or gray background are always an excellent investment as far as wallpaper for dining rooms is concerned.

Make It Luxurious

Dining room with luxurious wallpaper Source:

Spacejoy at Unsplash

Take an elegant wallpaper and pair it with a sleek decoration to tie the entire room together, like what you see in this specific scene. Darker tones with a modern pattern as a base pave the way to a balanced, stylish dining room.

Dress The Walls

Dining room with wallpaper and a lot of pictures Source:

Andrew Neel at Unsplash

A more aristocratic look for a dining room is something you don’t see every day, and that’s perhaps what makes it so unique. Romantic and a bit outrageous, this elegant wallpaper will perfectly sit in a more traditional living room.

One Wall to Make It Whole

Dining room with wallpaper with white curved lines Source:

Max Vakhtbovych at Pexels

This elegant wallpaper for your dining room conveys a sense of vastness that will open the room and make it more spacious and airier. The mismatch of patterns is a fashionable take on many classic strategies in interior design — the modernization of visual effects for the home, if you will.

That Extra Flair

Dining room with geometrical pattern wallpaper Source:

Sidekix Media at Unsplash

The sheer incorporation of this elegant wallpaper into your dining room will make it more exciting and visually appealing in no time. Thanks to the contemporary, geometrical pattern added to one of the main walls, the dining room seems more whole, with an extra flair.

Marble Dreams

Dining room with marble wallpaper Source:

Toa Heftiba at Unsplash

Marble is something that can hardly go out of style, whether it’s the real thing or not. Choosing a marbled wallpaper for your dining room will add elegance and dignified taste to a minimalist area or otherwise create balance in a more exposed room.

Textured Wallpaper Ideas for Dining Rooms

Neutral Palette

Dining room with neutral color textured wallpaper Source:

Max Vakhtbovych at Pexels

Textured wallpaper for dining rooms is a strategy that can’t go wrong. In this particular case, the light wood wallpaper serves as a quiet addition to a neutral color palette while making it the room’s focal point.

Dramatic Flair

Dining room with gold textured wallpaper Source:

Ruslan Keba at Unsplash

If you’re looking for a more dramatic option, this textured wallpaper for your dining room will definitely close the deal. The overall decoration blends in wonderfully with the deep color freckled with golden hints.

Toned-Down Texture

Dining room with concrete wallpaper Source:

Jonathan Borba at Unsplash

The micro concrete appearance has been one of the most popular interior design trends for the last couple of years, so why not turn it into wallpaper? Modern and hip, this textured wallpaper for dining rooms will give it that bare-bones, industrial look & feel that makes everything look more fashionable.

Warm and Earthy

Dining room with warm and earthy textured wallpaper Source:

Liar Liur at Unsplash

Warm and earthy tones are often a go-to when it comes to textured wallpaper for dining rooms. It shows off a softness that can only be achieved by such mellow hues and makes every dining room intimate and down-to-earth.

Boho-chic Inspired

Dining room with boho-chic inspired wallpaper Source:

Visual Stories || Micheile at Unsplash

Transform your dining room into a boho-chic-inspired area by adding this beautiful, smudged wallpaper. The texture alone does wonders to give the dining room its own identity and style, yet the colors keep it unpretentious.

Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Dining Rooms

Let Nature In

Dining room with green leaves on pink background wallpaper Source:

Louis Hansel at Unsplash

This contemporary approach to a floral wallpaper idea for dining rooms is gorgeous in every way, as it brings out a handful of different shades of green on a bright pink background. The splash of color combined with a botanical motif is bound to be a hit among guests.

Talk About Floral

Dining room with illustrated floral wallpaper Source:

Louis Hansel at Unsplash

Let the walls do all the work with this gorgeous illustrated floral wallpaper for your dining room. Any time you entertain guests, they’ll immediately feel transported into a beautiful garden of red blooms and elegant leaves.

In Bloom

Dining room with detailed floral wallpaper Source:

Nicola Bushuven at Unsplash

This French-inspired wallpaper lives happily in this 1920s remodeled dining room, a beautiful complement to a modern and sleek decoration style. As a highly detailed floral wallpaper for your dining room, it makes you and your guests want to stare at it all day.

Understated Grace

Dining room with dark motif floral pattern Source:

Visual Stories || Micheile at Unsplash

Go with a darker motif floral pattern and give your dining room the look and feel of a five-star restaurant. These shadowy plants are an excellent addition to a more dramatic decoration that uses natural elements and copper-toned materials.

Botanical Wonders

Dining room with botanical motif wallpaper Source:

Steven Weeks at Unsplash

Botanical motifs combined with darker shades and soft materials turn this room into the perfect example of why a floral wallpaper for dining rooms ties it all together. Find comfort with family for special dinners together with that extra hint of elegance and refinement.

How to Choose Wallpaper for Dining Rooms

Take a Hint From Color

Dining room with soft warm brick wallpaper Source:

Max Vakhtbovych at Pexels

Color is probably the primary mood setter in a dining room. Soft colors suggest tranquility, while vibrant or darker hues add a more dramatic disposition. Warm colors, as the term suggests, actually give the dining room a warmer feeling. Choose the colors that suit you best when looking for wallpaper ideas for your dining room.

Use Texture To Your Advantage

Dining room with wood texture wallpaper Source:

Max Vakhtbovych at Pexels

One of the most ingenious ways to make the best out of wallpaper for dining rooms is to use texture to hide or camouflage wall imperfections or structural blemishes. Choose your preferred wallpaper surface, such as wood, marble, fabric, or grass, and give your dining room walls a new face.

Mix and Match To Your Liking

Dining room with brown patterned wallpaper Source:

Josephine Baran at Unsplash

If you’re looking to give your dining room an exciting and bold makeover, choose a patterned wallpaper that will seamlessly fit into your decoration. Be careful of overdoing it, as mixing stripes, florals, or more romantic motifs in a dining room can disrupt your decoration project or otherwise cause that kind of visual unease you were not expecting.

Choose Your Favorite Style

Dining room with white rock walls and no wallpaper Source:

Zac Gudakov at Unsplash

It all comes down to your own style. Choosing wallpaper for your dining room can be a fun adventure, but it will require a bit of endurance, mainly because there are hundreds and hundreds of papers to pick from. Make a plan, select your favorite patterns, and follow your gut.

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