16 Delightful Dining Room Wall Ideas

By Soraia Martins July 22, 2021, 12:48 pm

If you’re like us, spending time around a table with friends and family is an everyday need — preferably with a stylish or trendsetting backdrop. So, in case you’re looking to spruce up your dining room walls with some new decoration ideas, look no further. From modern setups to large dining room areas, there are countless ways to give your walls the fresh face they deserve.

Whether you rent or own a home, your dining room walls deserve as much attention as any other room.

Modern Dining Room Wall Ideas

Vibrant Colors

Dining room with vibrant green walls Source: © Spacejoy at Unsplash

Giving your dining room walls a vibrant color makes a world of difference in a modern dining room. Aside from contemporary decorative details, rich color palettes, just like this beautiful dark green, will make the room stand out in the best way.

Gallery Wall

Dining room with gallery wall Source: © Fabio Traina at Unsplash

Every home needs art, so why not give it a go on your dining room wall? Whether you choose large frames, mismatched paintings or smaller pictures, your dining room wall will give off a modern look and feel in no time. It even makes for terrific conversation starters whenever you have guests enjoying a meal at your home.

Fresh Wallpaper

Dining room with modern wallpaper Source: © Louis Hansel at Unsplash

Forget what you know about wallpaper and delve into a whole new world of fresh, contemporary wallpapers that give your dining room walls that modern and outstanding gist you’ve been looking for. Put down the paint and choose from a myriad of ornate and illustrated wallpaper, like this one.

Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Ideas

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Dining room with mirrors on the wall Source: © Erica Marsland at Unsplash

In addition to creating an illusion of more space, a mirror — or two, like in this particular room — hanging on the walls of your farmhouse dining room reflects light and adds a personal touch. Whether you choose a statement piece or vintage frames, your walls will definitely impress whoever comes in here.

Display Case

Dining room with display case Source: © Jesse Bridgewater at Pixabay

Your farmhouse dining room walls are not complete without that unique piece of furniture that immediately enriches that space in any home. Like the one pictured, a display case is a great option to ornate your dining room walls while giving you the chance to keep glassware or special objects at arm’s reach.

Natural Elements

Dining room with natural elements Source: © Camylla Battani at Unsplash

Every now and then, there comes a new interior design trend that promises to brighten up a space without much work or expense. One of the examples of such trends, and even one of the most accessible, is to don the walls of your farmhouse dining room with natural elements, like these wooden shutters, giving the area a sustainable atmosphere.

Stone Wall

Dining room with stone wall Source: © Mark McCammon at Pexels

If your farmhouse dining room walls were gifted with the perk of a stone wall, there’s only one thing to do: show it off and don’t hold back. Make it the room’s focal point and decorate around it, picking neutral objects and natural materials that can float around it and give off a serene vibe.

Formal Dining Room Wall Ideas

Classic Colors

Dining room with classic colors Source: © Hector Falcon at Unsplash

A diverse color palette is one of the greatest, most useful interior design go-tos, but what about giving classic hues a try? Black, white and even gray are quintessentially elegant and a refined option for a formal dining room. Use this color duo as a starting point for bolder decoration choices, where contrast plays the leading role.

Less is More

Dining room with minimalist design Source: © Yann Maignan at Unsplash

This elegant setup sports the bare minimum as a tribute to the “less is more” belief. Whitewashed walls with loads of natural light coming in, paired with an astonishing chandelier, make these formal dining room walls the perfect blank canvas for a polished dinner.

Wood Wainscoting

Dining room with wood wainscoting Source: © Isaac Martin at Unsplash

Your formal dining room walls can be even more special with just a little woodwork. Wainscoting, the art of covering the lower portion of a wall with gorgeous wood paneling, is still today a great and clever way to add visual interest to your formal dining room walls. Elegant yet understated, these wood panels fit seamlessly into the room.

Large Dining Room Wall Ideas

Oversized Art

Dining room with oversized art Source: © Sidekix Media at Unsplash

Sometimes, it only takes one piece to make a dining room wall more exciting. In this particular area, the bare walls were given a bold add-on that turned it into the centerpiece of the entire dining room. With only a handful of decorative objects, this large dining room wall is now the focal point of your meal space.

Trim Accent

Dining room with white wood trim wall Source: © Carrie Hays at Unsplash

There’s nothing like taking a blank canvas and making it stunning. That’s what happened in this large dining room and its expansive walls: by going for a white wood trim accent, this space now gives off a much more stylish and unique impression — it could even be a great DIY project!

Negative Space

Dining room with blank wall for negative space Source: © NORPEL Furniture at Unsplash

Having a lot of space doesn’t mean you need to fill every inch. Give yourself to minimalism and keep your large dining room walls bare-bones. With just a small number of decorative details, this area can benefit from the negative space as a way to take in human relations without the added noise.

Small Dining Room Wall Ideas

Feeling Green

Dining room with a lot of plants along the wall Source: © Brina Blum at Unsplash

One of the best ways to spice up small dining room walls is to give them a bit of greenery. And by “bit”, we actually mean a bunch of gorgeous plants and pretty botanicals to bring nature inside, like the one pictured here. Add some shelves and use that extra space to display your planters and make your small dining room walls bright and vivid.

Pastel Hues

Dining room with pastel green wall Source: © Spacejoy at Unsplash

Setting the right mood in any room is what makes it distinguishable and easy on the eye. That’s why choosing some pastel hues is also a lovely way to keep your small dining room glowing, perfect to spend some time with your guests or enjoying a family meal. This pale shade of turquoise gave this corner the illusion of a slightly bigger space, thanks to the color option.

Dashing Drapes

Dining room with long curtains Source: © Nathan Oakley at Unsplash

When your dining room walls lack that speck of color you’ve been wanting to see since you moved in, draperies can be your go-to solution. Some dashing curtains will add that extra pizzazz to small dining room walls, mainly because there’s an infinite number of accent colors for your decoration palette to choose from.