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Epic List of Cool Things to Have in a Man Cave

By Dustin Montgomery July 16, 2021, 11:20 am

Sometimes you just need some place to get away from the stress and troubles of everyday life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find a safe haven in your man cave. For guys having a man cave is similar to a small get away that allows you to take time out of your fast-paced life and come back refreshed.

Especially for those who live with their families, a man cave may be the only place that they can truly call their own within their home. It is a space that is designed specifically for their unique interests and personality.

A man cave is also an expression of your style, your hobbies, interests and even memories. You can display your awards, trophies, photographs and other collectibles, which may not always find a place in your living room.

They are also great places for entertaining or just having the guys over. The best way to host is to have entertainment at the ready with elements such as a home theater, pool tables, or even indoor basketball.

The following is a guide to everything needed to know to set up an amazing man cave.

10 Style Tips and Tricks

The following are ten style tips to help you move up the man cave ladder.

1. Colors and color themes

Multifunctional room with grey wall

Whether you are choosing the color of your walls or the overall color theme of your man space it is important to remember the feel, vibe or look that you are trying to go for. The following are some suggestions of colors for your man cave.

Remember to try and stay away from typical or cliché color patterns such as red, blue and white or black, red and white. These tend to be overused color combinations that can seem boring and appear stereotypical.

In order to give your man space a more sophisticated or modern look, use more neutrals such as grey, beige or taupe. These provide a calming and relaxing undertone which is one of the attributes that you might want to associate with your man cave.

Neutral colors will also allow you the option to keep your theme open and flexible. You can add or change furniture, décor and other accessories easier as the neutral colors compliment most other colors.

On the other hand, if you would like to make a statement you can choose to go for a completely bold look. Again, avoiding typical combinations and themes, you can opt for a bold color such as teal, rustic orange or a dark wine. Choosing unique man cave colors will also bring attention to and highlight your area as well as the things within the area.

The color choice should predominantly be based on the atmosphere and mood that you are trying to elicit or prompt, within your man cave.

2. Ambient lighting

Vintage light fixtures and light bulbs

When it comes to lighting up your man cave, it is important to remember that you want the light to create a mood and go well with your vibe. This can range anywhere from chandeliers to side table lamps to neon signs. If your man cave is a garage like mine, you might want to get a good space heater.

The key to good light is to make it subtle, large fluorescent lights are no longer in. They cause harsh pools of light directly under them but do not light up the room in a way that attracts attention to your décor or style.

In order to set the mood and draw attention to the various other aspects of your space cave opt for pot lights and a range of smaller lamps or lights to spread the light around your man cave. There are numerous options for man cave lighting to explore.

This will allow the attention of viewers to travel along the light sources and be directed in the direction that you wish. This is ideal to showcase any important sports memorabilia, trophies and awards or other items that you would like to show off.

Lighting must haves:

These are some of the most popular types of lighting that are trendy right now for man caves. These can be purchased in store or online and if you like creative projects many of these can be created at home as well. You can always look for creative ideas to light up your man cave.

Neon “man cave” sign

These “now entering the man cave” or “man cave” signs are a great way to light up the entrance to your man cave or just to mark off your territory. They can be ordered online and can even be customized to say whatever you would like.

Bare bulb lights

Bare bulb lights are a very popular trend, they create a minimalistic look and can enhance any décor theme from modern to rustic and provide ambient lighting. You can purchase these online or create them yourself using a lamp kit from a store.

Water pipe lamp

Another popular lighting style is to get a water pipe lamp. These lamps are shaped like water pipes and are adjustable to your needs. They add a rustic look and are a good way to draw attention to a specific area.

You are not limited to the types of light sources you can use there are numerous options available online and in store as well as many “do-it-yourself” ideas for lighting any place that are present online.

3. Add a rug or two

Modern designed room with a rug

Adding a rug might seem like a very simple thought, however it is can bring a completely different look to a room. Rugs and carpets can be used to break up areas of a room, to give the impression of a larger area. It also allows the room to convey a more intimate or comfortable environment. It can also be used to enhance or reinforce a theme within the room.

If you have one large open area, a rug is a good option to break up the room into a seating area and an activities area. For instance, adding a large rug in front of the home theater can result in a comfy lounging area and separate it for instance, from the air hockey table or the pool table. Man cave rugs are quite common online as well.

Rugs can also be used as entrance mats to lead people into your man cave with style. They can also be used to make an area seem cohesive such as under a coffee table or in front of sofas or recliners.

There are tons of sites online that you can purchase a stylish and modern rug from. You can even order customized rugs for your man space and give it a completely unique look.

4. Entertainment systems that meet your needs

Modern Home Theater Room with leather reclining chairs

By now it is pretty much established that a good man cave requires an entertainment system. However, it's not as simple as relocating your old TV to your man cave. Man caves are known for being gaming and movie theater central. So the entertainment system should live up to those expectations.

One of the main things to make sure is to ensure you have a designated area for the entertainment system. This can be one plain wall at the back or a central location with surrounding chairs, sofas or other seating and reclining arrangements.

This will allow you to see how much space you have to work with as well as determine if this is the focal point of your man cave. Generally, the home theater and gaming area is the main feature however, it doesn’t have to be the primary focus for it to stand out.

Once you have determined the space you have you can decide from numerous options such as installing a surround sound home theater system, to a large screen TV with various gaming consoles to a full wall projection system.

The entertainment system you choose will depend on what your primary use for it is. If games nights are the go-to for you and your friends than a large screen TV that has multiple ports for gaming consoles is the way to go. But if movie nights are more your jam then it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a wall projector.

If you are on a budget these overhead projectors can be purchased online as well for reasonable rates.

5. Seating Arrangements

3D rendering of a home theater interior

Now that you’ve got the entertainment and spacing figured out, it's time to consider seating yourself and your guests. One of the biggest requirements of a man cave is to be relaxing. So the seating arrangement has got to be comfortable.

Depending on your set up choose multiple styles of seating, it might not be enough to just place a couple of recliners by the TV screen or projector. A good idea would be to assess how many guests you would have on a typical guys’ night. This can serve as a bench marker for approximately how many seats you need.

Add some bar stools and chairs along with the sofa or opt for other unconventional seating arrangements to ensure that your guests can get comfortable.

The following are some must have seats for your man cave:

Recliners or reclining sofas

One of the best ways to relax and have a good time is to get yourself a comfortable and multipurpose recliner. With a cup holder and support for your legs, what more could you ask for? The recliners are perfect for toning down after a day at work or just chilling with your friends.

Giant sofas or couches

These are large full mattress styled couches that you and your friends can lounge on. They are also great for sleepovers and comfortable seating for larger groups of people. You can also make one by strategically placing couches and ottomans.

Pillow floor

You can also use a rug and throw a bunch of pillows on there to make for a comfortable lounging area. This would be ideal in front of a large TV screen or projector.

6. Two-in-one Tables

Billiards room in a billiards club

Not just any old table will do in your man space. You need a table that will maximize in functionality as well as in aesthetics. The table needs to fit in with your theme as well as serve its purpose. It can be a small coffee table or a larger flat table to host your guests.

One of the newest trends for a must have man cave table is to have a table that is more than just a table. There new and innovative tables ideas just waiting to be explored. Following are a few to help you add some style to your room.

Not just a pool table

How about a pool table that is a lot more than just a pool table? You can get pool table that come equipped with a built in stereo and TV, as well as a game console and a mini bar. Now that is multipurpose.

Fusion Table

A fusion table that is both a kitchen table and a pool table. Now you won’t have to give up pool for some tabletop surface area. The table has a slidable top plank that can be moved aside to reveal a pool table underneath.

DJ Coffee Table

Want to make a statement and express your passion for music? A DJ coffee table is the way to go. It is a classy coffee table that will add a musical and artistic touch to your hangout.

7. Snack in style

Friends eating popcorn

You can’t have a movie night or a games night without the snacks. The best way to serve the snacks in your space is to do it with style. You can order pizza with the guys but there’s always room for more junk food and snacks when it comes to movies and games. Popcorn, pretzels, candy and chips are practically essentials for good time. The following are some must-haves for a man cave.

Popcorn machine

No matter what your theme is for your fortress of solitude, a popcorn machine is a must! They are fairly cost efficient and widely available; they are also easy to order online. A popcorn machine is one of the basic snacks must-haves for a man cave. There is also a popcorn monsoon machine available, from which popcorn flows out like water from a tap.

Vending machine

Another great and unique way to offer snacks and entertainment to your guests is to have a snack or candy vending machine. They come in various sizes and types and you can choose the candy or snack that you would like to fill it with. They are also designed as games to get to the snacks as opposed to requiring actual money, although that is an option as well to get your friends to chip in for the snacks.

Stackable fridge

You can also get a stackable fridge to help store all those snacks and other food items. If you have roommates or friends that are over often, it is great to prevent them from stealing your food.

8. Creative bar and storage

Empty wine glasses on a rack at a bar

Now that the food is covered it is now time for the drinks. What good would a man space be without a bar? The best way to relax with your friend is to grab a beer or a drink after a long day or even a week. By having a bar or a good storage space for your drinks in your man cave you also save space in your fridge and a trip to the store every time your friends are over. There are so many unique ways to store your drinks and liquor or even design a bar for your man cave. The following are a few ideas to level up your man cave bar.

Star Wars beer fridge

If you are a Star Wars fan, then a Han Solo beer fridge/cooler is a must have for your man cave. You can store your beer or other drinks in style and add to the aesthetics of your man cave at the same time. The Han Solo fridge and other merchandise is available online for you to style your man cave with.

Jack Daniel’s and Coca Cola dispensers

You can also get dispensers that look like water coolers but actually dispense Coca Cola and Jack Daniel’s. These are a cool way to amp up your bar and drinks. It is great for Coca Cola and Jack Daniel’s enthusiasts as well as they are able to store more drinks in less space as well.

A liquor dispensing Tap

Now for those serious bar enthusiasts, you can level up your bar game with a bar tap or dispenser that only dispenses liquor. You can get this installed into your bar or counter or you can do it yourself as well.

9. Display your memories and collectibles in style

Photo Collage of Italy - cities such as Rome, Venice and Verona

Some of the biggest advantages of your man cave is to be able to display the things you want, to show off your personality, to represent the fandoms you want and to hang that jersey that your wife wouldn’t let you. But the key to putting all these things up is to do it with style, in such a way that it looks cool and cohesive and not all over the place.

One of the best ways to help decorate your man cave is to try and place like things together and to follow your theme. Try to come up with creative ways to display your memorabilia and other artifacts.

For pictures postcards or other travel articles you can use a cork board and pin them up or use a photo album or scrapbook to compile them and then prop it open to the most relevant page.

Another good rule to follow is to “frame it, don’t tape it”. This means that if you have any artwork or posters or even jerseys, put them in a frame to hang them up as opposed to taping them up. Frames are easy to purchase and it looks a lot more classier.

There are tons of ways to put things up on your walls and to decorate your man cave. There are also a lot of “do-it-yourself” ideas online as well to help you fill up your walls.

10. Clean with ease

Robotic vacuum cleaner on rug with wood parquet floor

Nobody really likes to clean but we all like a clean environment to relax in. But its hard to clean up after a nice movie night with the guys. So if you take measures before hand and equip your man cave with the right tools, you can be ready for an easy clean. The following are some ways to help you clean your man cave.

Firstly, some of the simple things you can do is to make sure you have a good all-purpose cleaner on hand, have paper towels at the ready, garbage bags within reach and make sure you have extra toilet paper.

All of these will ensure that the bare minimum of mess is made, however there are some things that are must-haves for a good man cave clean up.

Target practice trash can

You can now purchase a clip-on net or backboard which look like soccer goals or basketball nets to practice taking shots with your friends every time you have to throw something out. You can also decide to make these yourself. It is a good way to ensure that everyone picks up after themselves and there is less for you to do at the end of the day.

Robot cleaner

This is the future; you don’t have to stand around and waste time vacuuming when you can get a robot vacuum cleaner to do it for you. This is a convenient way to clean up crumbs and other particles easily. If everything else is clean you just let the robot do its job and you are done for the day. No late night or next day clean ups ever again.  In fact it can even work while your guests are still there for urgent clean up such as chip crumbs.

The Bottom Line

So which of these epic must-have is your man cave missing? From amazing colors to comfy seating, to fun snacking and an easy clean up, there are tons of things that you can add to your man cave to give it a little bit of an edge. You can amaze your friends by showing them a movie on a huge projector or wow them with a cool multipurpose pool table and dining table or perhaps you can impress them with your stylish display of your sports memorabilia. There are numerous things you can add and create to make your man cave one that will be remembered.

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