Are Fake Flowers Tacky In a Home?

By Soraia Martins August 17, 2021, 5:35 pm

For many years, fake flowers have been sent off into a far-flung corner of our collective memory. Their reputation steered them toward a universe of distasteful choices in interior design, and tacky was probably the most accurate term to describe fake flowers in all its glory. But this has changed, and tacky they are no more.

Unless the quality of the fake flowers fails to live up to your expectations, they can be a terrific and practical option to add color and brightness to your home. If you love flowers, plants, and all kinds of indoor greenery but forget to water or tend to them, consider going for fake flowers — and perhaps disregard they were ever tacky in the first place.

What To Look For

Pink roses in vase with pink background Source: Edwards Lee at Unsplash

With the popularity of fake flowers rising, it has become easier to find premium quality specimens that can provide the perfect finishing touch to your decoration. Nowadays, many faux greenery suppliers trust their floral designers’ skills and experience in the live plant industry to deliver nearly flawless blooms.

Dark green plant next to desk Source: Sincerely Media at Unsplash

When perusing for fake flowers, try to keep it simple and stylish, so it doesn’t become — you guessed it — tacky. Silk is definitely one of the materials you should look for in faux blossoms. Petals and leaves should feel velvety and real and display authentic colors. Whether you are buying stand-alone stalks, arrangements, or planters, fake flowers should look and feel lifelike and add character to a household.

Touches of Reality

Flower bouquet on marble table Source: Karin Boon at Unsplash

As with everything natural, flowers are not perfectly shaped, and a few genuine blemishes can bestow them with impeccable beauty. The same happens with fake flowers. Avoid the tacky appearance of synthetic botany at all costs and go for a more realistic and true-life representation. Tip: Always check for ridges on leaves and gradients of color. The stalk base is also a good indicator of how expertly a flower or plant is made.

Plant on dresser next to oval mirror Source: Holly Stratton at Unsplash

There are a few tricks to make fake flowers look more realistic and keep everyone guessing. When buying bouquets, try separating the stems with a pair of wire cutters to get individual flowers. You can also bend the stems to make the flowers look more real and imperfect. Adding water to the vase is probably the oddest trick but potentially the most effective in terms of visual impact.

All Eyes On The Benefits

White plant pot with green plant Source: Brandon Cormier at Unsplash

There is no denying that bringing fake flowers into your home has benefits that go beyond what you would expect. Besides being cost-effective, there is no risk of them being ruined for lack of upkeep, thus having to be replaced more times than you can count. Fake flowers allow you to create your own green oasis without worrying about having the right indoor conditions.

White planter with dark green plant Source: Sincerely Media at Unsplash

With fake flowers, you are not restricted to season, so be ready to flaunt a gorgeous arrangement of peonies in the winter or amaze your guests with a full bouquet of camellias in the dog days of summer.


Light pink roses on checkered table Source: Samantha Gades at Unsplash

Though we are not in any way trying to ward you off from getting fresh, natural flowers and plants, there is undoubtedly room for fake flowers, especially if you are looking to brighten up your home but have a hopeless brown thumb. Don’t shy away from doing your research and find good quality, authentic-looking faux blooms — the kind that would have to be touched or examined at close range to be perceived as artificial.

Tricks like separating the bouquet into individual stems, cutting and bending them to make them look more realistic, and even adding water to your vase will make a world of difference and make fake flowers not tacky at all.


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