15 Dining Table Alternatives

By Soraia Martins August 4, 2021, 7:11 pm

If you don’t have enough room to welcome a dining table into your home, there are other ingenious, visually appealing ways to enjoy great mealtimes without going for a conventional option. Although creating the look and feel of a dining area can be tricky without the proper space, it’s certainly not impossible to make the most out of eating or to entertain with a few tips and tricks.

Whether you don’t have a dining room, lack space for additional furniture, or love to have cozier and practical options in more than one room, here are some dining table alternatives.

Dining Table Alternatives for Small Spaces

The Good, Ol’ Kitchen Island

Kitchen with wooden island Source: Eddy Lee at Unsplash

Turn any available area in your home into a welcoming dining room by adding an island, especially a moveable one, so you can take it to wherever you need. Add a couple of stools or tall chairs, and you are good to go and enjoy a lovely meal with this dining table alternative for small spaces.

Tiny Table

Alternative dining area with small table Source: Hutomo Abrianto at Unsplash

Get yourself a nice and cozy dining area with a small round table, as it will occupy less space and make it easier to add chairs around it. The table and the chair pictured above have gorgeous, streamlined shapes that don’t take too much space and can easily blend into the room.

Against the Wall

Small white table against the wall with flower picture Source: Yong-Yuk Won at Unsplash

Use your walls to carve your living space into different areas. Just placing a table against a wall, adding chairs, and hanging a light fixture to define the area will definitely set this space apart and make a perfect dining table alternative in a small space.

Extendable Table

Extendable table dining area alternative Source: Andrea Davis at Unsplash

A great dining table alternative for small spaces is going for an extendable table. During the day, if you just need enough room for two chairs, it sits perfectly in your small area. And if you have people coming over later, it is easily transformed into a four-seating table. Depending on the room you actually have in your home, you can choose an extendable table that goes beyond this size.

Wheel It In

Coffee table on wheels as an alternative dining area Source: Sven Brandsma at Unsplash

Make it functional and easy with a rolling table, an excellent alternative for a dining table in a small space. Whether it sits high, making it cozier for chairs, or low, where a couch or some floor cushions will do the trick, a rolling table can be moved into different areas and given a myriad of uses.

Dining Table Alternatives for Living Rooms

Coffee Table

coffee table in dining room as an alternative dining area Source: Bryony Elena at Unsplash

There’s almost always space for a coffee table, right? So why not make it into a dining table, too? What used to have only one purpose is now a multifunctional piece of furniture that makes a fabulous dining table alternative, especially in a living room. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your meal.

Side Table

White side table as alternative dining space Source: Goran Ivos at Unsplash

Being the smaller sister to the coffee table is not always what is cracked up to be, but the side table can actually be a helpful dining table alternative for living rooms. It fits snugly right next to your sofa or lounge chair, and it can hold your coffee or a small meal. Its many purposes make it the perfect dining table alternative — even at the expense of its size.

Make It Round

Small dining area with a round white table Source: Andrea Davis at Unsplash

If you feel like your home deserves a new add-on that will bring more comfort when having people over or welcoming your family for a meal, choose a small table and turn your living room into a cozy dining area. When space is tight, opt for some extra comfort — and these velvet chairs show exactly that.

Floor Cushions

Coffee table with green floor cushions Source: Beazy at Unsplash

A great alternative to bringing chairs into your living room is to replace them with cushions that you can throw on the floor and sit comfortably on. Give your space a glow-up with these velvety cushions and enjoy a cup of coffee or a lovely meal with this dining table alternative while sitting pleasantly on the floor.

Not a Table

Wooden chest as coffee table in living room Source: Deborah Diem at Unsplash

Make a splash with this chest box, a fantastic dining table alternative for living rooms. This will give your space a gorgeous look and feel while providing a place to enjoy a meal in the comfort of your living room. A beautiful piece like this one will definitely be the star of your home, and we are here for it.

Breakfast Nooks as Dining Table Alternatives

Coffee Corner

Wooden breakfast nook with empty cup Source: bady abbas at Unsplash

Thinking of bringing that special feeling of going to your favorite cafe into your home? There is a perfect way to do it, and it involves a window corner and a tabletop, and the result is a welcoming breakfast nook. This dining table alternative is mainly chosen for not taking much space and being an amazing use of an otherwise forgotten area in your home.

Modern Banquette

Small wooden table in a modern designed room Source: Lera Nekrashevich at Unsplash

A smart solution for a small space is to bestow it with a banquette, bringing a cozy breakfast nook to life and making it a clever dining table alternative. Play with materials and colors, and you got yourself a fresh take to a dining area in your home.

Window Bound

Breakfast nook with live edge wood surface Source: Roberto Nickson at Unsplash

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your home, take a piece of gorgeous wood and place it against it. The sheer view and clever use of space will make you wish you’d thought about it earlier. Besides a breakfast nook, you can also use it as a working station, just like the above image — which is a perfect example of a dining table alternative by adding to high stools.

Island Bliss

Modern kitchen island with large lights Source: Jorge De Jorge at Unsplash

There is probably no better place to be than right where the magic happens — in this case, a cozy breakfast nook on a kitchen island. Pull up some stools, and this dining table alternative is lock and loaded.

Every Nook and Cranny

breakfast nook in corner with plants Source: Nirzar Pangarkar at Unsplash

Perk up a petite dining area by turning it into a cozy breakfast nook. How? Give new life to a wall bench and add a pedestal table — so it can fit more chairs, if needed. You will now have the perfect excuse to invite people over.


All in all, a dining table can be lots of different things, as long as it fits your home and caters to your dining needs, especially in city apartments, where space is at a premium. Regardless of what you can do for your home, everyone should be able to find a dining table alternative even if they don’t have a dining room. From small spaces to living rooms, there are plenty of ideas that will do the job, whether you want to entertain or just enjoy a nice meal as comfortably as possible — and if you can make it stylish along the way, even better!


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