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Five for Friday: Cake Pops

Time for the Five for Friday! Today we’re talking cake pops – nom nom nom! This tasty treat is perfect for portion control, unless, of course, you’re like me and can’t avoid eat a few too many (woops). Here are five picks for online sources for these little bits of yumminess, in no particular order since I have yet to try them all.

#1: Jen’s Pop Shoppe: You have no idea how long I’ve been drooling over that photo. Cake pops? Check? Rainbows? Check? Full of awesome? Check. Now if only they were actually in front of me…

#2: Cocoa Confections: It’s not the first time I’ve said this, but there are very few instances in my book where glitter is a bad thing. Okay, maybe there are quite a few things glitter shouldn’t be on, but on a cake pop? That gets an A for Awesome in my book.

#3: The Sweet Source: I love the look of the cake pops by the Sweet Source. The color combinations featured in the store, combined with different styling treatments, make my tummy rumble.

#4: Entirely Sweet: Typically, I go for just your average ball of cake pop (I feel bad quickly downing anything more intricate), but these cake pop baby blocks are adorable, aren’t they? What a great find for a baby shower or first birthday!

#5: Buttercream Bling: Okay, so now it’s colored glitter cake pops in addition to the classic metallics? More win.

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  1. Cake pops are not easy to pull off, hats off to all of this creativity.

    Sandra     Sunday, June 3, 2012