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Condiment Recipe: Valentine’s Day Vanilla Sugar

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! Today’s recipe will be paired with a printable I’ll feature tomorrow. Infused with vanilla and dyed a light pink color, this sugar makes a great Valentine’s Day gift and is perfect in tea, coffee, or even in baking. If you opt for a coarser sugar, it could also be used to decorate some festive cookies.


  • 1½ cups sugar
  • food coloring
  • 1 vanilla bean


Pour sugar into a medium mixing bowl. Add food coloring, one drop at a time, mixing the coloring into the sugar with the back of a spoon before adding more to ensure it doesn’t become over dyed. (To achieve the color above, four drops of red dye were used.) When the desired shade has been created, set aside to dry in the open air for a short period of time.

Scrape the seeds of the vanilla bean into an airtight container with the dyed sugar, then mix thoroughly and bury the bean. Seal the lid as tightly as possible, and set aside for at least one week so the vanilla can infuse into the sugar. Remove the bean and, if desired, separate the sugar into individual containers for gifting.

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  1. This would be delicious and look great on pancakes!

    Hannah     Wednesday, February 1, 2012
  2. Looks pretty and sounds delicious! You can’t beat that combination!

    Leslie     Wednesday, February 1, 2012
  3. I love this idea and love how you packaged it as a gift item!

    Meredith     Sunday, February 26, 2012