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Styling Studio: January 30, 2012

Today’s tip: in everyday entertaining, there’s generally not a huge budget for flowers. If you’re like me, you take a trip to the supermarket with your fingers crossed that they’ve got something you can work with. The only problem? Supermarket flowers typically look like, well, supermarket flowers. Make your blooms stylist approved by following these quick tricks:

  • Don’t just purchase one flower type or color. Grab a few bunches of flowers that can be mixed together as you’d see in a professional arrangement. Try to avoid the stereotypical supermarket floral selections of carnations or baby’s breath.
  • If your supermarket offers it, grab an extra bouquet of greens. I’ve picked up evergreen bunches and eucalyptus bunches from the supermarket before to supplement my arrangements. They’re typically a lot more affordable than the bloom bouquets are, so it’s also a great way to keep your florals feeling bountiful without stretching the budget.
  • Strip the greenery from your bloom stems. Excess leaves don’t look “finished” and can make the overall appearance of your arrangement less attractive. The professional look of the flower only stem makes the arrangement look more high end.
  • Break the store bought bouquets into smaller arrangements. By using smaller vessels, you can add a lot of impact with a smaller amount of flowers by stretching out your floral coverage. The arrangements in the photo above, for example, were made with only two rose bouquets, when in person, they looked like they were made with nearly double the number of flowers.
  • Use unique vessels. Glass vases are fine, but finding interesting pieces for your arrangements can really help make them look like they’re worth more than they are. I always like to use vintage pieces, which can be purchased on a budget at a local thrift store or on Ebay. Better yet, look around your house (or a relative’s if they’ll let you borrow some stuff – my mom’s house is a treasure trove of cool patinaed pieces!) and see what you already have that can work.
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  1. Great tips! My flower arrangements never look how I want them to, so hopefully these tips will help.

    Allyson     Thursday, February 9, 2012
  2. Love the arrangement of evergreens with the roses. So great. Looking forward to your other tips in this series!

    Kelly     Thursday, February 9, 2012