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DIY Project: Keepsake Cookie Gift Box

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables and I have a great way to wrap up our Ten Days of Craftsmas with possibly my favorite project of all: our keepsake cookie gift box. Everyone loves giving (and receiving!) baked goods during the holidays, but it’s an even better gift when you make it special with a stylish presentation!

We hope everyone enjoyed the Ten Days of Craftsmas! Have an excellent holiday season and a spectacular New Year.



Stain a deep wood craft box with your desired color. We used a shade called American Walnut. These craft wood boxes won’t stain evenly, which lends them a certain rustic charm. Let dry in a well ventilated area, then seal it, and set aside to dry once more.

Fill 3″ x 3″ kraft boxes with different types of cookies. Close the boxes, then adorn by layering ribbon, tulle, and ripped fabric strips. To create the rosettes featured, cut 12 to 15″ pieces of fabric in various widths. Then, arrange the fabric strips so that the widest piece is at the bottom and the narrowest is on the top. Each length of fabric within a single rosette should be the same length but different widths. Allow the strips to be imperfect – embrace the fraying edges and the different widths of each layer as something that makes each rosette unique and visually interesting. Thread a sewing needle and knot the end.

Starting from the back of one corner, push the needle through to the front and begin creating stitches about 1″ long that are evenly spaced about 1″ apart. The stitch line should stay within ¼” of the fabric edge. When you reach the end, pull the thread through the fabric so that it begins to gather. Bring the two ends of the gathered fabric together to form a circle, sew the two edges together, and cut off any excess. Finish the look with a decorative button in the center of the rosette.

Line the bottom of the box with scrapbooking paper that matches your overall color palette. Insert the 3″ x 3″ kraft cookie packages into the box so that each set of two boxes line the left and right sides of the box. In the center of the sets, gently place the doughnut holes. Close the box and gift as soon as possible.

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  1. Genius!!!!

    Brancoprata     Friday, December 17, 2010
  2. just love that box! darling, ladies!

    carter & cook event     Friday, December 17, 2010